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GermanyxReader - While She Is Sleeping
As Ludwig opened his eyes, he was met with the darkened and blurred vision of his bedroom. He felt the warm blankets covering his body, his hands and head the only things exposed to the cool air. He lay on his side, his left arm tucked under the pillow and his right outstretched in front of him.
The German pushed himself up from the mattress, sitting up on the edge of the bed. He briefly rubbed his eyes, letting out an inaudible sigh through his nose. He had attempted to fall asleep for the past two hours, but he just didn’t feel tired. In fact, he felt the exact opposite.
He rested his hand down on the mattress, his knuckles making contact with something behind him. He cocked his head to see his wife _____ sleeping soundly on her side of the bed. Her lids were draped gently over her eyes, and she breathed slowly so that her chest rose and fell at a steady tempo.
Ludwig brought his legs back up onto the mattress and quietly scooted closer, keeping his eyes on his wife. He stared
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 565 79
Fiance!GermanyxShy!Reader - The Bachelor Party
[Author’s Note: This story contains some sexual content. I didn’t think it had quite enough to slap a warning on it, so I’m putting a small one here. You’ve been warned!]
“Francis, I need a favor.”
Francis looked down at _____ and said, “Oui? What is it?”
_____ took a deep breath, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. “Well, um. . .since Ludwig and I are getting married this week. . .he’s probably going to have a bachelor party––or, maybe Gil’s going to make him go to one.”
“Oui. Go on.”
She rubbed the back of her head, taking a sudden interest in her shoes. “And, um. . .well, I’ve already decided I’m not going to have a bachelorette party, so. . .I’d like to do something for Ludwig at his party.”
Francis blinked. “Isn’t it bad luck to see each other twenty-four hours before the wedding?”
_____ waved her hand in dismissal. “Nah
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 418 47
I gotta whip and I'm not afraid to use it Germany
Riiiing! Riiiing! Riiiing!
You groan, hearing your cell phone blasting next to you on your nightstand. You were having such a nice dream, too! What made it so nice? It couldn't be because of the blonde-haired, G. I. Joe soldier come to life, dripping wet from splashing around, man who trains you. No, it had to be the beach water that made your dream so great...Yeah, that's it. Smirk, smirk.
Answer it? No, you'll pass on that. It's not like you didn't love watching Germany getting all pumped up and sweaty-I mean, training hard with him. But today, you just wanted some alone time. Away from the ever-so quiet Japan, flirtatious Italy, and the yum-GERMANY! You weren't going to think 'yummy', never...Besides, he was all training, no love life action. Though, it didn't mean you couldn't...admire him, right?
After being taken in by the Axis alliance a year ago, you found yourself strongly attracted to Germany. Love? Maybe yes, maybe no. You weren't sure, that could be because
:iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 1,519 489
APH: Germany x Reader - Work Bitch~

Warning : some curse words and sexiness alert~ :3

You wanna...
You wanna...

Sitting by your window, you sighed dreamily as watched the Axis trio exercise not so far from your dorm window, in the training grounds. You wished, you could be as determined and strong willed like them - at least like Germany - and bring your butt to start training yourself for the next summer season.
Training was healthy and good, helping you stay fit and beautiful, but it was seriously not your thing... You had tried many times, to get up and do a few exercises in the mornings, but two or four days would pass and you will get lazy again, like always. You tried running laps, too, but after a few days, didn't succeed even to bring yourself and try again. Well, this were you - starting, but never finishing normally.
Watching those three, especially Germany, only made you feel more miserable about this whole thing. It only felt wor
:icondija9:Dija9 708 305
Romano X Reader: Ti amo, Bella
You stood alone, off to the side of the dance floor, people watching. You were a relatively new country, and for the most part the other countries ignored you. It wasn't as if you were lonely or anything-or so you told yourself to keep from crying. However it would be nice to have someone to talk to for a while. But you refused to dwell on that. You simply continued to watch the other countries as they enjoyed the party.
Watching the others smile and laugh and talk made you feel less alone, and brought a small, sad smile to your face. You watched as England tried to get America to behave like a gentleman, though how England figured strangling your ally was gentleman-like you would never know. Germany was yelling at his brother, Prussia, for getting drunk and then beaten up by Hungary. And off in one corner there were the Italy brothers; Italy was saying something to Romano, who simply started yelling in response. You chuckled. That was so like Romano. Your gaze turned fond as you watch
:iconinsanityscowgirl:InsanitysCowgirl 516 258
Vampire!England x Hunter!Reader - The Game of Life
You silently followed the trail of the moonlight that was shining down on the path which was only made of dirt. You were on your way to a mansion, but it wasn't quite abandoned. Since you are a professional hunter of animals and vampires you got pretty interested in a story you heard while you were visiting a local bar in the town you slept in a day before.
It was said that a vampire called 'Arthur Kirkland' lived within the mansion, which was on top of a hill up in the mountains. It appeared that plenty more people were interested in this tale, especially other vampire hunters. But it was said that nobody would be spared and thus none of them seemed to have returned from their trip. It was said that this vampire wasn't just an avarage one either, but very powerful.
You sighed as you continued following the path into the mountains, you had everything equipped that you wanted to bring without getting out of your comfort zone. All you brought was a shotgun that was strapped to your belt
:iconlemmingx3:Lemmingx3 239 48
RomanoxReader Cupids' Arrow
  "[Name]!" Your head shot up in the direction of voice. You let out a sigh when you saw the owner of the voice. "What do you want Antonio?" Your Spainard friend beamed a smile at you. 'Oh Lord. I know that look...' "[Name], I was just talking to one of my friends and-" You held your hand up. "Antonio, don't EVEN start that." He placed your hand on yours and pushed it down. "[Name], here me out. This one's actually good. I promise." You rolled your eyes and stood up. You had heard enough. "Look, the last time you told me that, I had my heart broken, and like and idiot, I listened to you again and again and again." Your voice had raised to a whole new level, but you didn't care. "I'm not going to do this again. I'm not going to take your word for it. If I want a guy, I'll find him myself." Antonio looked as if you had just slapped him in the face. "[Name], I'm sorry..." You glared at him. "Yea, you're always sorry." With that said, you turned around and stormed away.
"What an
:iconvampsandghosts:vampsandghosts 409 129
SpainxReader: Annoying
“Ugg, you’re so annoying!” you shouted at the Spaniard.
Antonio had been following you and annoying you everywhere.
“Señorita ___________, wait for me!”
You turned around to face him, “Antonio Carriedo. Leave. Me. ALONE!”
He looked hurt, “But __________-.”
“No!” you snapped, “I’m sick of you following me around like a lost puppy! Go bother someone else!”
Toni took a step back and the turned around and ran off.
“Thank God,” you murmured and walked away.
A week later you noticed a strange empty feeling in your stomach…you didn’t know why, but you got this feeling that something was missing.
“Lovino…do you know where Toni is?”
The Italian scowled at you, “Probably under the bleachers, as usual. Nice job you witch.”
Your eyes widened as he walked off. However you went to find the silly Spaniard.
“Toni…Toni are you here?”
A sof
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 425 53
~Cute Jealousy~ Spain x Reader x Chibi!Romano
Pairing: Spain x Reader x Chibi!Romano
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Comedy
Inspiration: ......
"Lovi!" The cheery nation's voice rang throughout the large house. Romano shifted his weight as he struggled to hold to broom upright. "What, bastard?" He grumbled. Spain walked over to the young boy and smiled. "A pretty girl is coming over today so I want you to be nice! She loves children, and is very nice with a-" The Italian covered his caretaker's mouth. "Do I look like I care, bastardo? Fine, I'll behave, but if you two start getting hammered on the living room then I will blow it." With a swish of his head kerchief, the southern part of Italy walked away, huffing angrily.
In about an hour, the doorbell rang. Spain dropped the basket of plump tomatoes on the floor and scurried over to the entrance of his abode. Smoothing out the yellow colored apron on his chest, he opened the door, reveali
:icondementedstuffing:DementedStuffing 1,027 941
Sweet Revenge BTTxReader
Sweet Revenge
Bad Touch TrioxReader
"FRANSIS BONNEFOY!!! YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!!!!" You screamed running after the laughing frenchman.
Sliding around a corner, you jumped down the stairs of the small house you shared with the three members of BTT.
Francis had gone to far.
He could slap your ass, he could steal kisses, but he could NOT take your last bar of chocolate.
To others this would seem silly. Its just chocolate right?
You were a chocoholic and proud of it! And you deserved that chocolate damn it! You had a shitty day at work and you were looking forward to that bar all day.
For some reason it was the only one in your secret stash drawer. You were pretty sure you had atleast three in there. But before you could consider, Francis had leaned over your shoulder and snatched it away.
Running into the living room, your foot caught on something, causing you to fall face first onto to the floor.
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 691 319
Your Turn- PrussiaxReader
.: Prussia :.
"Gilbert, come on," you groaned when Gilbert would continually ignore you, poking his cheek in annoyance, "Get up and off your sexy ass already and go check up on the baby..."
Gilbert smirked faintly in his pretend sleep, deciding to just encase you in his strong arms and buff chest to keep you from moving. You frowned at your husband and the sounds of your darling child calling for you and Gilbert, sleepy parents, from the nursery room.
Sleepily, you said to Gilbert again, "Please Gilbert, it's your turn to check on the baby..."
Gilbert lifted one of his eyelids to allow his piercing red eyes to stare at you, a smirk playing up one his albino face, "Why should I, Fräulein?"
You rolled your eyes at Gilbert's playful banter, deciding to immediately step up Gilbert's motivation towards getting out of the warm pillows, cocoon of blankets and your hot body temperature. Slowly sitting up, you slung a leg over Gilbert's other side, effectively straddling him, "Because, big
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